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Friday, April 28, 2017

    WHAT'S ON THE POLICE CHIEF'S CELL PHONE? The mystery surrounding former Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White's cell phone just took another turn, with the release of the police report relating to its disappearance to the local news media.  White, who has said he did not have a city-parish cell phone, then said he had one but it was lost or stolen, finally turned it over to his attorney last week.  You can read more about who the chief was talking to and what police say the phone was being used for at the link below.  

    Written on Wednesday, 10 April 2013
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Monday, 13 June 2011

The Killer Bill - Making It Legal

Written by Politique Deux Centimes
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In which Louisiana parish were the lives of two innocent, bright siblings with brilliant futures  destroyed in an accident with another young driver who was barreling down a country highway while he watched a small screen tv in his vehicle?  The brother was killed; his sister crippled for life.   Answer:  Vermilion Parish


Legislators in which state are wasting time discussing a bill to make dashboard tvs legal?  Answer:  Louisiana


Which state has the highest car insurance rates in the nation?  Answer:  Louisiana


Which state has a high incidence of drunk drivers?  Answer:   Louisiana


House Bill 243, already approved by the House and the Senate Transportation Committee, has to be one of the most senseless pieces of legislation to ever come out of the Louisiana Legislature....and we all know that’s saying alot.


And how did the three legislators representing portions of Vermilion Parish vote on this killer bill:  Hensgens, Yes.....Champagne, Yes......Landry, Yes


Yep, these are the people we elected to protect us and safeguard our children.


A recent Advocate article reported State Senator Adley not only praising this killer bill but joking about it.  And we thought he was one of the few voices of reason demanding Jindal’s administration not only be oh so publicly, but also privately, transparent and he ruins it with one not funny quip about his marriage.    


Who in their right minds can possibly believe a splitview screen on the dashboard of any vehicle is a good idea...besides Mercedes Benz of course?  Like the passenger isn’t going to say, “Man, ya gotta see this!”  And the driver isn’t going to lean all the way over?  In what universe will this never happen?  And maybe the driver is sober....or not.  


Who in their right minds can possibly believe we need an additional distraction for immature drivers....and many who are supposed to be mature.....already so involved in their cell phone conversations they are disregarding traffic laws from one end of this state to the other?  And the rest of us are paying for it.


Why do we keep electing these people with no common sense?  You know, the ones who ate popcorn during the legislative session while watching a propaganda film being shown by a car company’s lobbyist.  


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