Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Real Race Featured

Written by Politique Deux Centimes
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Well isn’t this just becoming a rare event:    A  Louisiana State Senate race  between only one well-educated Democrat and only one well-educated Republican with similar platforms.  Geaux Vermilion Parish!  A respectable voter turnout would also be nice.


Unfortunately one candidate, who currently holds an elected office, is accusing the other elected official of being a “politician”.  Come on, man!   Once you run for office, YOU.... ARE.... A.... “POLITICIAN”.   This snarky line in his tv spots harms his credibility.  A candidate can’t have it both ways....especially in a small parish like Vermilion where everybody knows who you are, what you do, and your mama and daddy too.


Both candidates are throwing numbers around about how many jobs they personally have created.  I wonder if this includes the number of election commissioners needed for a February election to fill an unexpired term and then again for the full term in October. 


Oh well, at least, the voters in Vermilion do not have to consider a candidate who is a cross-dressing tv pitchman.  A clown in the legislature....go figure. 


Two sore points:  1. Unless someone dies, finish your own term.  You knew what the job entailed and what the salary was when you ran for the office.  2. When a candidate runs as a member of one party, is elected as a member of that party, shouldn’t they be obligated to finish their term as a member of that same party?  Obviously the obligation would have to be by law since they won’t do it honorably.  But then we know who enacts laws so that won’t happen.


How many adults sincerely change their core beliefs and political values after reaching middle-age?  This changing parties in mid-stream is not only blatantly opportunistic, it’s a display of dishonesty to the voters who voted for them.


Candidates everywhere...and their handlers....could put an end to the implication of dishonesty by the mere mention of the word “politician”.   If they wanted to change their behavior.  But they don’t.

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