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Friday, April 28, 2017

    WHAT'S ON THE POLICE CHIEF'S CELL PHONE? The mystery surrounding former Baton Rouge Police Chief Dewayne White's cell phone just took another turn, with the release of the police report relating to its disappearance to the local news media.  White, who has said he did not have a city-parish cell phone, then said he had one but it was lost or stolen, finally turned it over to his attorney last week.  You can read more about who the chief was talking to and what police say the phone was being used for at the link below.  

    Written on Wednesday, 10 April 2013
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Tuesday, 02 August 2011


 Louisiana's own Lt. Gen. Russel Honore replaced his arms with a pen in scolding the Congress for being wimps unable to do the honorable tasks they were sent into leadership to perform.  His letter should serve as a warning to both parties that they are not earning the respect of a nation as they send America into the economic war zone.  Read the General's full message to Congress at the link below.
Tuesday, 26 July 2011


 Thanks to leaders of Republican and Democratic parties, the nation's dissatisfaction with our government is at all time highs.  This is a dismal place to be for a nation that purports to be the model of democracy in the world.  No doubt, those now in office do not mirror the majority of Americans who are facing economic challenges brought about by hard headed partisanship to gain power.  The nation was created on compromise and a grand idea that representative democracy would elevate the beliefs of the people and not marginal interests.  Check out the numbers.
In a harsh editorial, the Times Picayune is signaling that the conviction of former legislator Renee Gill Pratt on corruption charges, and the previous convictions and pleas by five members of the once powerful William Jefferson family, signal that justice delayed is not always justice denied.  Pratt was convicted yesterday on corruption charges after an earlier mistrial when one of twelve jurors declared that she believed everything said by Ms. Pratt and nothing by the prosecutors.  The newspaper calls the verdict "a significant blow against corruption."  Read more at the link below.
Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden pulled a rabbit -- and $1 million -- out of a hat to keep the city's bus system running after the Metro Council rejected the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) plan in January to make cuts to routes and raise fares to keep the bus system afloat.  Facing a $1.2 million budget shortfall, the bus system was on track to shut down and layoff employees in October until Holden pursuaded the East Baton Rouge Mortgage Finance Authority and the state Office of Community Development to each pony up $500,000, which allows for a local match to obtain other federal funds and avert a crisis for now.  Read more at the link below.
Thirteen East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Deputies were demoted and transferred back in June for pocketing Baton Rouge Police per diem's for lunch when they were traveling together on extraditions.   It seems that the deputies would buy lunch for the police officers and pocket the remainder of their $44 per day allowance.  According to the Sheriff's internal investigation, the deputies failed to pass on $4,224 to the Baton Rouge Police.  The deputies have been required to give the Baton Rouge Police their lunch money.  Read more at the link below. 
Former Governor Buddy Roemer, shown here working on his speech at a bookstore in Manchester, will announce his candidacy for President today in New Hampshire, focusing on an issue that is attracting attention to him around the country -- campaign finance reform.  In an article today, the Times Picayune takes a look at some of those who have contributed the maximum $100 to Roemer's campaign, wishing they could give more.  The Picayune notes that Roemer's campaign finance limitations are the central theme of his campaign, but also the most serious obstacle for him in facing well financed campaigns.  Read more at the link below. 
East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore wants to be added to Mayor Kip Holden's proposed bond issue to the tune of $10 million, money that would be used for "competitive salaries" for his office.  While the Mayor's Office says operating expenses like those proposed by the D.A. cannot be included in the capital improvements package, Moore, who has the authority himself to propose a tax for his office, has written a letter to the Metro Council asking to be included in the bond package.  Stay tuned to see just how little or how much the Baton Rouge Council will ask voters to consider and read more at the link below.  
A key government witness in the trial of former lawmaker Renee Gill Pratt showed up in court visibly ill, causing Judge Ivan Lemelle to clear the court to hold a sealed hearing on privacy issues.  Angela Coleman, the niece of former Congressman William Jefferson and daughter of Betty Jefferson, who has already pleaded guilty to crimes associated with raiding the non-profits in question in the Pratt trial, walked into court supported by  her attorney.  Her uncle, Mose Jefferson, died in May.  Betty Jefferson, a former Assessor whose testimony continues today, was overcome with emotion on the stand when talking about visiting her daughter in the hospital.  Betty Jefferson is shown here walking into court in 2008 with daughter Angela behind her.  More on this trial drama at the link below. 
 Say what you want about the Senior Senator from Louisiana, but the woman knows how to survive the raucous brawl of partisanship that has swept the nation and threatens democracy as we have known it.  With the Landrieu trait of never too shy for a good fight, Mary Landrieu's political instincts and honing in on political capital keeps her position safe.  The only one who ever beats her is the one who never shows up for the race.  "Anybody can beat her," has proven quicksand for Republicans who would like to take her out. 
Cartoonist Garry Trudeau, creator of the Doonesbury cartoon strip, featured Louisiana's teaching of creationism in his Sunday comic strip, giving the rest of the country one more thing to laugh at Louisiana about.  Sunday's strip shows a teacher explaining evolution to a classroom, then announcing, "However, as high school science students in the State of Louisiana, you are entitled to learn an alternative theory supported by no scientific evidence whatsoever!"  To join the laughter, you can check out Sunday's Doonesbury comic strip at the link below.
State Representative Renee Gill Pratt of New Orleans is beginning a second trial today on charges that she conspired with the family of former Congressman William Jefferson to loot more than $1 million from sham charities. While three members of the Jefferson family who were key to this case have died since indictments were handed down, the government will try again to convict Pratt on one charge.  Her previous trial ended with a hung jury and reports leaked out that 11 of the 12 jurors were willing to convict.  Read about this continuing case of public corruption among those associated with the Jeffersons at the link below.

Ron Ceasar, far left, the activist behind the failed recall attempt against Governor Bobby Jindal, now says he will run against him in October.  Ceasar made this announcement while participating in a protest on Monday against Opelousas Police Chief Ronald Dies.  Ceasar called Jindal "the worst governor in the history of Louisiana for women and minorities," and said Jindal has not done a good job diversifying top state positions.  Ceasar, who owns an accounting and tax services company, is a PhD Student at Southern University with an undergraduate and Master's degree in business administration.  He fought against Jindal's merger of Southern University New Orleans and the University of New Orleans.

New Orleans workers are not holding back in blasting Mayor Mitch Landrieu's proposal to alter civil service rules that benefit veteran employees during times of layoffs.  Landrieu wants the commission to do away with a policy which allows employees whose position are eliminated through layoffs to bump, or take the job of another worker with less seniority in a separate city department.

Although Landrieu's proposal excluded police and firefighters, both groups joined city employees in opposing the changes.  "There's been a lot of movement by the administration to reduce the effect of civil service in protecting employees and that does concern us,” said Police Association of New Orleans President Michael Glasser.

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