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Friday, April 28, 2017
Politique Deux Centimes

Politique Deux Centimes

Putting in "two cents" worth of opinions on politics after 30 plus years working media and campaigns.

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In which Louisiana parish were the lives of two innocent, bright siblings with brilliant futures  destroyed in an accident with another young driver who was barreling down a country highway while he watched a small screen tv in his vehicle?  The brother was killed; his sister crippled for life.   Answer:  Vermilion Parish


Legislators in which state are wasting time discussing a bill to make dashboard tvs legal?  Answer:  Louisiana


Which state has the highest car insurance rates in the nation?  Answer:  Louisiana


Which state has a high incidence of drunk drivers?  Answer:   Louisiana


House Bill 243, already approved by the House and the Senate Transportation Committee, has to be one of the most senseless pieces of legislation to ever come out of the Louisiana Legislature....and we all know that’s saying alot.


And how did the three legislators representing portions of Vermilion Parish vote on this killer bill:  Hensgens, Yes.....Champagne, Yes......Landry, Yes


Yep, these are the people we elected to protect us and safeguard our children.


A recent Advocate article reported State Senator Adley not only praising this killer bill but joking about it.  And we thought he was one of the few voices of reason demanding Jindal’s administration not only be oh so publicly, but also privately, transparent and he ruins it with one not funny quip about his marriage.    


Who in their right minds can possibly believe a splitview screen on the dashboard of any vehicle is a good idea...besides Mercedes Benz of course?  Like the passenger isn’t going to say, “Man, ya gotta see this!”  And the driver isn’t going to lean all the way over?  In what universe will this never happen?  And maybe the driver is sober....or not.  


Who in their right minds can possibly believe we need an additional distraction for immature drivers....and many who are supposed to be mature.....already so involved in their cell phone conversations they are disregarding traffic laws from one end of this state to the other?  And the rest of us are paying for it.


Why do we keep electing these people with no common sense?  You know, the ones who ate popcorn during the legislative session while watching a propaganda film being shown by a car company’s lobbyist.  


Sunday, 13 February 2011

A Real Race

Well isn’t this just becoming a rare event:    A  Louisiana State Senate race  between only one well-educated Democrat and only one well-educated Republican with similar platforms.  Geaux Vermilion Parish!  A respectable voter turnout would also be nice.


Unfortunately one candidate, who currently holds an elected office, is accusing the other elected official of being a “politician”.  Come on, man!   Once you run for office, YOU.... ARE.... A.... “POLITICIAN”.   This snarky line in his tv spots harms his credibility.  A candidate can’t have it both ways....especially in a small parish like Vermilion where everybody knows who you are, what you do, and your mama and daddy too.


Both candidates are throwing numbers around about how many jobs they personally have created.  I wonder if this includes the number of election commissioners needed for a February election to fill an unexpired term and then again for the full term in October. 


Oh well, at least, the voters in Vermilion do not have to consider a candidate who is a cross-dressing tv pitchman.  A clown in the legislature....go figure. 


Two sore points:  1. Unless someone dies, finish your own term.  You knew what the job entailed and what the salary was when you ran for the office.  2. When a candidate runs as a member of one party, is elected as a member of that party, shouldn’t they be obligated to finish their term as a member of that same party?  Obviously the obligation would have to be by law since they won’t do it honorably.  But then we know who enacts laws so that won’t happen.


How many adults sincerely change their core beliefs and political values after reaching middle-age?  This changing parties in mid-stream is not only blatantly opportunistic, it’s a display of dishonesty to the voters who voted for them.


Candidates everywhere...and their handlers....could put an end to the implication of dishonesty by the mere mention of the word “politician”.   If they wanted to change their behavior.  But they don’t.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

If it's broke.......

As if there aren’t enough alleged conflicts between northern and southern sections within the City of Lafayette, now parish consolidation....and it’s potential undoing.....are stirring up real conflicts between east, west, north and south Lafayette Parish.   It’s not pretty.  It rarely is when it’s about money and land.  And it’s the land issues which must be resolved before we get to the even more complicated issues of undoing the pretend consolidation currently in existence. 


David has apparently been kicking Goliath’s butt in annexing land right and left all around the Lafayette city limits.  In some circles it’s being called a “land grab”; in others, “taking care of business”.  


But now, with new census numbers to be released in 2011, the sleeping giant city awakens and sends out emergency meeting notices on a Sunday morning for the parish council to vote on annexing 270 acres in the next 24 hours.  Most of that acreage is a golf course but why a “city-owned golf course” in an unincorporated area of the parish was not already annexed into the City of Lafayette is not clear.  The neighboring municipality of Broussard annexed a road leading to the golf course.   But this is just one contentious land issue.


The 270 acres is a mere pittance to the pot of gold which is the new six mile, 60 million dollar stretch of Ambassador Caffery Parkway which just opened.  Imagine the business development possibilities along a raw stretch of prime property!  Understandably, every nearby municipality wants some of those future sales taxes. 


Parish President Durel has been holding meetings in the area to explain the pros and cons of “de-consolidation” but it’s the controversial land issue making the most noise.  The City of Lafayette makes up 56% of the parish; the smaller municipaliaties 16%; and the so far unincorporated areas of the parish, 28%.  


Now there will be a nine member charter commission providing a layer of decision delaying before Lafayette Parish voters have their say.  The fun never stops in Lafalot.  

Tuesday, 09 March 2010

Weak Tea

The “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” Party had their “grassroots” convention at one of the most expensive venues in Nashville recently.   In media interviews the naivete of some of the Tea Party attendees in their almost Stepford-like repetition of the same slogans made them seem ripe for exploiting.  And indeed they were by the convention ticket prices and travel expenses and Palin’s speaking fee and now the push to have them contribute to the new Tea Party PAC.  Zut Alors!  They’re already beginning to look like the Republicans and Democrats they decry.
On the same day Palin said she would contribute her $100,000 speaking fee “to the cause” she also said she now might run for President in 2012 if it was good for the Palin Family.  Ohhhhhh, THAT “cause”.  By the way, Sarah, looks like that talk-to-the-hand speechy stuff is workin’ out for ya’ in Big Bad Hollywood.  Gonna call your new reality show The Wasillbillies?  
Former Colorado Republican Representative Tom Tancredo’s xenophobic rants notwithstanding, even Le Figaro covered the event.  But then we know how those French love protests since they go on strike at the mere drop of a beret.  Le Figaro likens this movement to a strikingly similar one in France 55 years ago.  University of Houston Honors College Professor of French History, Robert Zaretsky, writes about the “mass demonstration in Paris of the Poujadist movement”.  It was born of a populist anger at both the traditional right and left in French politics.  Their issues then were the same as today’s Tea Party:  taxes, bureaucrats, inflation, and as always for the French, greater individual liberties.  Pierre Poujade’s Party did win some elections but then hit the reality of governing with, as Zaretsky put it, “the common tendency to grasp for simple solutions to complex problems”. 
There are no simple solutions.  But there certainly are people willing to take your money to convince you otherwise.  Sounds like Republicans now have their own.....gasp!..... “community organizers”.